Art has no boarders—just you

Xie Anyu - the Picasso

No matter which city I am in, I always inform myself first about its art exhibitions. I am fully in my element if I can lead an exhibition or conceive an event. When I look at an art object, I don’t miss a single detail. But if you could see my office table, you would see chaos.

In my spare time I travel a lot—be it in China or anywhere else in Asia. I also have a fable for fashion and sports. When I’m not busy with art, you’ll probably find me in a gym or surfing around on WeChat.

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My journey

  • Study in China
  • Graduation: Bachelor of Arts
  • 7 years of work experience in a renowned Chinese agency
  • Art lover of the first hour
  • Foundation of an exhibition company D/F in Shenzhen
  • Fancy for cool art gadgets
  • Favourite brand from Switzerland: Friday

Meine Skills

Museum design
Artistic network
Event management
Store design

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