When it comes to branding, the first impression is ground-breaking

Every visual element can make the difference between success and failure. We help you design a well-conceived brand while thinking sustainably throughout the process.

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GLA Branding Brand Identity

Brand identity

Creating a unique brand identity starts with having a clear concept. In this step, we think holistically and support you throughout the whole branding process, from creating a brand identity to designing the right visual appearance for your business. We provide you with the right naming, slogan as well as logo design. To build a legacy for your visual appearance, we create detailed brand guidelines for your business. With our unlimited creativity, we help you achieve the competitive advantage you need for your business to be successful.

Campaign design

We create cross-media campaigns (online and offline). Thanks to a detailed analysis, we also create unique key visuals. Our team of designers and marketing experts creates powerful campaigns with long lasting impact for you.

GLA Branding Campaign Design
GLA Branding Multimedia

Multimedia design

In today’s digital world, multimedia design is one of the most important parts for businesses and brands. Besides web designs (UI/UX) we also create designs for web applications, social media content, display ad visuals and much more. Thanks to our experience, we know what it takes to be successful on all online channels.

Motion graphics

Video content is at the centre of attention. Innovative and creative animations make the difference in a digital world and create added value for their viewers. Whether it’s a simple GIF or a high-quality animated video, we have experts for each video and graphic animation project you would like to create.

GLA Branding Motion Design
GLA Branding Product Design

Product design

Spotlight on! We make your products shine with visual communication. We create 3D visuals for product design, packaging design and machine design. Additionally, we can assist you in creating special merchandising products, including designing custom labels and leading the production process.


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