Quality exhibitions and high-class events

With our international network, we can provide you with the latest trends in terms of exhibitions and events. Our long-term experience in this area allows us to fully support you with the conception, organisation, operation and controlling of the exhibition. We can also provide you with further services like merchandising, ticketing, trading and much more.

GLA Arts
GLA Arts Exhibition Planner

Exhibitions & events planner

With a strong presence in the Asian market, we can help your business to get access to one of the biggest markets. We can help with the following projects:
1. Western galleries and museums with attractive exhibitions access to the Chinese market;
2. Western companies with attractive products to create exhibitions in China;
3. Plan and operation of existing exhibitions in China.

Exhibitions & events construction

Lean back and enjoy. We organise your whole exhibition and/or events. We take the lead in the organisation and event construction of your exhibition and report the current budget status to you. Furthermore, we can fully support you in terms of the insurance and shipping of costly art objects.

GLA Arts Exhibition Construction
GLA Arts Visual Design

Visual design

The heart of exhibitions is their visual design. We create the whole concept as well as the production of the designs like invitations, ticketing design, various print designs and much more. Additionally, we help you with our marketing experts to successfully promote your exhibition on all channels (online and offline).


Our wide network of manufacturers in Asia allows us to provide you with high quality merchandising products with worldwide shipping. We can also label the products with your brand and integrate the products into your shop/webshop.

GLA Arts Merchandising
GLA Arts Art Trade

Art trade

The whole process of art trade is done by our local experts. We are specialised in buying and selling art works. Thanks to our international network we can sell art works globally.

Operation and management

You need a partner to organise just some parts of your event or exhibition? We can help you with any matter (organising speakers, transfers, exhibition locations, etc.) and help you negotiate favourable contracts.

GLA Arts Operation Management






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